Go Save More

Strategically made to be condensed and have color differentiation to create this illusion of saving space. The word in the middle was colored with red intentionally to catch the eye of the reader and the letter “e” was made to depict a trolly cart to suggest shopping.
A family-owned business wanted to make an online shop serving Filipino food through bulk delivery.
Make a website that appeals to Filipinos and a diverse audience across the mid-west. Make an e-commerce website that can be capable of showing the inventory and prices so costumers can order and register so they can get updates via newsletters.
Present the website with easy-to-identify product classifications. Have customer engagement by asking them what product/s they want to order in the future. Improve customer experience through the design, layout, and features.
Elements in the website were strategically placed so the customers can see the classifications with ease. The discount/new offers were packaged in a big slider so the customer will see them first. Some of the most popular products were shown next. Make the newsletter sign-up prominent so customers are encouraged to receive a notification. A third-party chat box feature is included so that the FAQs are easy to look up and customer service can be reached. The client is able to download the application and receive notifications of customer activity.