Zion Mobile Imaging

Zion Mobile Imaging is a medical imaging service that travels to the patients' location to perform the procedure instead of the patient. It aims to provide accessibility, eliminate barriers to care and reduce healthcare costs.
Zion Mobile imaging needed a website that it is straight forward and easy to access by health care professionals and patients. The website should list the following details: phone numbers, email address, working hours, price list of the services, and the staff involved. The website should be efficient and the design should stand out among the competitors.
One-page solution would be the most optimal given that the website won’t only feature the price list and the team but also the necessary information to book appointments and call the service providers. The website will not only be a repository of information but an access for medical personnel to book appointments or contact the service provider.
The design and layout of the website is modern and minimalistic; graphics and content are high quality and uncluttered. The color scheme is bright and the content is easily readable. We place the requisition form and contact number front and center to have those easily accessible. One click of the button and will direct them to a third-party form builder where they can fill out the form digitally, eliminating the need to fax the information, to and be received by the service providers. All of the vital information are provided below the website as the user scrolls down. They were arranged as to their importance for the user. Working hours and contact information are in the same section as well as the pay section. Service price lists were listed below that. The vital elements are placed prominently and the users are able to search the FAQs and contact the business through the third-party chat box.